Clearing Body Wash & Why

As a Grandparent and Mother it is important to me to provide as much non invasive help as possible . 

I had noticed with several people there is a certain resistance to accepting help when offered imagine that! 


 The way this body wash happened:

I had noticed several people have been struggling with there teenagers~ trying to guide and help a hormonal child submersed in a society of poor programming from music to schools and peer pressure. I was asking the Angels if there was anything we could do to help these kids of today?

I woke up at 4:44 am in Mt Shasta with the Angels saying its time to get up? I kept saying really? This is like slave labor. They started laughing said get your coffee we have things to do.


Before I knew it I had a reciepe for clearing. A body wash that will help everyone from the rough times at work to the teenagers trying to figure their way through life as they know it. 

The Angelic Clearing Body Wash has done amazing things for everyone! It is organic and natural with essential oils vitamins and properties for clearing space. It costs a little more however I am grateful to have such a tool. I have also found there is no drying out your skin. Might be the vitamin E. 

My Grandaughters love it and all I can do is smile and Look to the Angels and say Thank You!!!


The Names are picked by the Angels I love their sense of humor.


For Teenagers there are 2 things going on.

1) Creating Empowerment

2) Clearing their space


The Angels Called it "I am the Greatest" hmmmm I think the Angels have it right dont you? I just cant stop smiling when I hear the Angels saying "well? Dont you agree they do think they are the greatest. I have to say I know alot of grown ups like that as well" heehee.


For Women  The Angels named it "Awesome Goddess Body Wash"

 1) to remind us of the Grace of who we are. To help us with clearing and strengthening our space. How about a little pampering? 

 2) With everything we do on so many, levels do we not deserve the extra help in clearing our space as well?  Chances are if you have had a hard time sleeping this could be a part of the solution.


For Men   The Angels could not leave them out "Divine Masculine" 

1) Releases stress from the day and all the different people they deal with on a daily basis. 

2)Softens the Inside of a person. 


There is alot more going on with this body wash, however I thought the way it came together with the Angels was quite Angelic.

In Mount Shasta on the Full Moon at 4:44 in the morning is good enough I am just glad it wasnt 3:33!

You can find it at the Etsy store all proceeds are donated to a project healing center we are working on right now.


You Can Find these diffrent products

at AnglicLightDesigns


Namaste' and Blessings









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