Alternative Ways for Crystal Healing

      Have you ever picked up a crystal and it starts to warm up your hand or it starts to vibrate?  Or maybe your in a store and a Crystal or Piece of Jewelry from across the room gets your attention and you make a be line straight for the crystal?   


Using Crystals for Crystal Healing


     Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase your feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.


     There are several ways of using crystals for healing from sound  with Crystal Bowls or Wands that direct energy or simply your attracted to a stone that just seems to call you. 

     You will find through out this website different grids for the body through jewelry. These are combinations that allow you to get the full benefit from the Crystals on a more personal level.




Energetically cleaning your home. 

     We create large grids for healing centers outdoors and indoors. 

     Keeping your space energetically clear even in very heavily populated areas is an art.

     Creating a Grid is helpful for defining your space allowing for a peaceful healing environment.



     The Benefits are tremendous for healing for example when coming home from work releasing the stress of the day, or children when they come home from school this is even more obvious they are agitated. They don’t understand why and might not even stop long enough to notice it. This is when grids are the most valuable.

     Have you ever noticed your tired but you cant sleep? Yes there can be many reasons for not sleeping. But when your exhausted and your not sleeping this is the first place to check. 



If any of this resonates with you it might be time for a consultation or reading giving you information on how you can create a peaceful sanctuary in your home or place of business.


There is so much Crystals can do without invasive drama.



**Prosperity and Manifestation

**Emotional Healing

**Peacful Environment

**Opening Angelic Connections

**Bringing in Soulmates

**Blissful Health

**Pure Potenial of Who You Are

**Healing Self Esteem

These are just to mention a few there is to much to list.  



Please Enjoy the Crystal Healing and Schedule your appointment is this feels right to you.


Offering Wholesale Crystals to company retreat grids for better production and clear thinking and peace. 

We also welcome teachers and masters from all over the world. 





Manifestation with Sound ~ Workshop

Manifestation with Sound ~ Workshop

Pay it Forward

The purpose of this Crystal Bowl Session is Healing Please Share with those you Love =)

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