Via Skype Demark; 
2 years ago I was led to Mount Shasta and Crystal by my guides on the "first floor".. I live in Denmark so I crossed around the world to connect. I did not know what to expect orexpierience before I went - all I knew was, that I had to go!
I was at a crossroad in my life! Crystal helped me in the right direction and announced what was my mission in life and why I was burned out in the financial world - it was time to change direction in life! The conversation with Crystal gave me confidence and peace of mind in relation to the major changes I have made in my life since . She has shown me "the red thread" through my life and much of what I have been gone through has now bin healed , forgiven and given free . That alone has increased my energy considerably! Now I know who I am and I know my direction in life. I have spent 2 years of training getting myself ready for the necessary career change . I am a spiritual teacher! I've got the belief and confidence that everything will be great ! I have a huge team of guides and helpers on the " first floor " , just waiting for me getting ready for the next chapter in my life! I am going to work with clients 1:1, writing books, travel and giving workshops . First I had to listen , then go in the right direction to finally step into my full power . Now I'm ready standing in front of the "red door" , where it says "full power" and I am looking forward to my next skype session with Crystal, where I will be guided through the door ..
Thank you for your outstanding way of being, thanks for your insights and your splendid mood - I am looking so much forward to working with you in the future  just as we have worked together in other past lives   <3

Lotte Lys
Copenhagen, Denmark



     You and Your Crew are already rocking my world! My relationships are better than ever. More and more abundance is flowing in from unexpected places and I am loving the magic! Now I can’t wait to see what the future brings…

So much love and gratitude

Lisa, Olympia, WA



     What has happened since we have met has completely shifted my business and my personal life! I am so grateful the Angels guided me to your establishment. I am convinced that is why I came to Mt Shasta.

The way you shift energy is absolutely like nothing I have ever seen. My world will never be the same! After all that is why I came to Mt Shasta, I look forward to working with you next week.

With Deep Gratitude and Respect,

Casey, Berkley, CA  Independent  Buss. Owner


Totally Blown Away with your Abilities to Communicate with the Other Side

At this point all I can say is you have totally blown me away with your abilities to communicate with the other side. I will definitely call you again. I ordered the stones you told me to get and I look forward to seeing what happens. Thank you so much you answered so many unanswered questions. I feel much better talking to you.


Mariane, NY



Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing 15 min.

Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing

My Life is so Beautiful Now! Thank You

My name is Colleen Mays and I have been working with Crystal for several years. Sessions with Crystal are fantastic. I have worked with Crystal over the phone long distance as well as in retreats and sessions 1:1 in person. Retreats at Shasta include meditations at local sites around Shasta. Thank You Crystal While the energy and beauty at Shasta are fantastic it is Crystal's loving guidance that make these sessions so wonderful. 1:1 sessions are divinely guided and individualized just for me. I work in a high pressure, stressful work environment. By working with Crystal I have been able to see my environment in a different perspective and start to thrive instead just get by. She has helped me heal many issues in my personal life and grow and fulfill my potential. She has reminded me of who I really am and what I really want to do in my life. I have learned to see my life from a different perspective and am grateful for my life. I know that I am a different person because of my work with her. And people in my life have commented that they see a difference in me. They can see that I am happier and peaceful. She is a mentor and a friend and I can't imagine my life without her.


Colleen, NV




Thank you for Awakening the Awareness of the Magic

Dearest Crystal,
Thank you for awakening the awareness of the magic that is within me and surrounding me!  The knowledge of all the support that I receive from a higher level of conscience has helped me to live life in a more trusting way. 
Since I have met you, I have no doubt that many aspects of my life have been healed.   The patterns that were not have been supportive to my children and myself have been broken, and we are free!  What an amazing feeling, and I am eternally grateful. 
My daughter whom was as you know suffering from severe emotional pain that manifested  into outbursts is better.  It's done. She is healed.  The nightmare of my life, that I did not know how to help her is over.  We have awoken, and it is a new beautiful dawn.  
      The flow of the divine surrounds me and there are moments that are lasting longer and longer where I have the most pleasant feelings.  These feelings are hard to put into words but I want to try.  It's like I'm being hugged by the angels and God.  There is a holy loving flow that is flowing through my body;  from head to toes to my fingertips!  I have the knowing that it many things:  a reminder that momentous things are coming,  I'm right where I should be,  everything is well,  that I am loved and supported . . .


My Life has Changed since our reading!






You've shown me a different way to be and it's wonderful!

Thank you again for letting me stay with you that night and for being so open and loving and sharing so much with me. My Life has changed in so many ways.  I feel like I've grown so much just from our one day together, and you've opened me up to so many possibilities.  
You have shown me how to feel my Angels!  Now I know my angels are with me and I thank you for that!  You've shown me a different way to be and it's wonderful!


Thanks again, and much love!
Alexandra, NY





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Amazing and Emotional Experience

Hi Crystal,

I just wanted to thank you for the time you took to speak with me the other day. It has changed my Life!
It was an amazing and emotional experience that really touched my heart. It also gave me some profound insights about who I am and who I can become, and also why my thought processes works the way it does. Your Angels are Amazing I could feel the power of healing run through my heart and soul. I felt so much lighter and the information you gave me, was nothing short of a miracle. It is obvious that the Angels are with you at all times.
Thank you for shedding illuminating light and understanding into my life.
Sincerly, and with much love,

Charity, Fresno, Ca.




You truly are an Angel!

You truly are an Angel!  I love the way you can speak to my inner spirit and pull out the thoughts.  My authentic self wants so much for my business to succeed, with the potential of giving back to our community. . . I need this to work!! That's what I really want. Please see my comments below.

Thank you for listening and I continue to put out in the universe I am worthy, I do deserve this.  I just need to make it more clear!
Love You So Much


Leanne, HI


Follow up: I have success! With the work we laid out and the Angels. When I was convinced there was nothing more I could do I booked an appt with out of shear desperation. You are a Game Changer within 3 days everything turned around! I have reffered several people to you and your consistant and your integrity has been refreshing.


Thank You again Crystal,

With Deep Respect and Love for who you are


Leanne, HI



You are our Anti-Accident, Superfood for the Soul, Life-Balancing Verbal Mist !!

You know Crystal you have helped and healed my family more than you will ever know. I raised my kids to be open in their hearts and minds ~ the information that comes through you to us has been the nourishment our family needs.
You are our Anti-Accident, Superfood for the Soul, 
Life-Balancing Verbal aaMist !!
That is the Gift you bring...
OK, lastly, Thank You Crystal
You feel like long lost family to us...

Arlyne, CA



Since our last reading Everything you said has come true, It has been a magical experience.



Crystal Lynne Energy Healing

This woman had a broken hip. She came into Crystals booth and after 15 minutes of Crystals energy work this woman didn't have the pain in her hip. These pictures were taken before the healing and then right after the healing.
Pretty remarkable!!







Channeled Jewelry Testimonial

Thank you for introducing me to the kunzite crystal necklace I purchased from you at the Fresno holistic fair event. 
I do believe it has helped me greatly already.
I feel like the heaviness in my chest is being replaced with the lightness of joy and the fullness of love both at the same time.  An easy smile is much more frequent -- and feels great!

Thanks again - I'm glad our paths crossed.


Crystal Lynne you are truly gifted!

WOW! Crystal Lynne you are truly gifted! I can't tell you how much I got out of your reading. You not only told me exactly what is going on in a complex relationship, but gave me solid advice on what I can do for both of us to reach our highest and best good! And after all, isn't that why we call! Many thanks!



Debera, SF

From Crystal:



     I have done thousands of Readings and Business Consultations and it is always a surprise even to me. What the Angels do to help indivduals, a business in trouble or ever better a business growing into a large corperation.

    The information comes through me as an Angel Communicator is nothing short of a miracle.  

I Can not put on paper all the changes I have personally wittnessed,  by the time the reading/consultation is finnished you will have many answers. From a Business being  saved to a someone who needs to hear the right words of comfort from their own Angels.

It feels like old friends reconnected. There isnt one reading that has not been life changing for that I am here.

     I know the great responsibilty and honor that a Reading brings.  In the Highest Integrity


With Great Blessings, 

Crystal Lynne and her Crew

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