How Energy Transfers and How to Clear out Unwanted Energy

How to clear your energy....

Have you ever had an unexplained headache come on all of a sudden?  

How about sleepy almost out of nowhere and all you can think about is laying down.

Or unexplained pain all of sudden and it makes no sense at all.

There are so many ways energy transfers unless your an expert energy healer fully aware

with all senses running at the same time, it makes it difficult to understand everything

moving together, on a universal level.



This is a broad topic so we will just cover a few of them..... 


It is now scientifically proven that energy does transfer in all forms of life. 

Just recently scientist's discovered that a plant dying near another plant that is thriving will take energy

from the plant that is living. 

The problem is if this is happening with plants and proven, then this is also happening on a human level as well

even if we are not personally aware of it.


How do we stop this from happening and hold our own space?

What are you exposing yourself to energetically? IE Movies, People, Media, Work,

School just to name a few.


I was just recently working with a client that was in contact with someone who is a "Healing Therapist"

then the client started getting sick, nausea, headache and anger of which he did not have before.

I asked "whom he had contact with?" he said he had taken a class with other healers. Hmmm

Why would that happen? This is something I have come across way to many times. 




When you are working with others who have there own energy, are you not all meshing together?

Why would anyone want to tap into another's source energy? The client said no,

we "clear" before we do any work.


Why headaches? or Nausea? or Draining? 

Shouldn't we be able to go through the day with out energetic hits? The answer is yes however there is somethings to look at.

The people you work with do they know what spiritual boundries are? Most people even understand what this means.

Are they clear so your not taking on someone else's energy or karmic contracts?

Do we really pick up on more than we realize?  

From what we watch on TV the news or what kids go through at school, to type of foods we eat.




The answer is Yes... Yes if your not aware of all of the different ways this universe works. Why small children going to school they are in an

energetic toxic environment and wonder why they might be cranky when they get home. Not to mention our teenagers bombarded with 

media programming, internet and undeveloped social skills. 


Lets look at some solutions to what you can do for yourself and your children....


1. Salt baths after school or work (this clears the energy from the body) it is a gentle  detox 1/2 cup epsom salt they and you wil feel renewed

2. When ever in contact with others over the phone or at work and especially with anyone in the healing world make a mental note of saying

    (What Yours is Yours and What is Mine in Mine) This helps with drawing boundries. It is important to set boundries when working anywhere.

3. Sage your home before going to bed. This will help with setting the stage for a peaceful nights sleep.

4. Crystals for clearing around the home also brings a beautiful clearing energy as well.

5. Set the intention that no one has permission to draw off of you or your energy on a daily basis. 




These are some basics for clearing the more you know the better off you are. If you suspect there is interference or if your having a hard time with really enjoying your life. It might be a good time to make an appointment to take a look at what your dealing with. 

My goal is to help as many people understand what your truly capable of this helps the "Whole" of mankind.


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