Readings and Healing with the Angels~Ascended Masters~Spiritual Realms

Nothing is Ever an Accident 

 It is a  'peaceful feeling' when you receive information from your "Angels" allowing "you" to tap into your highest self.

In a reading I will share with you how to recognize the Angels messages. By sharing this information from your Angels, your life will transform. While working together, we will help you stay connected and keep you focused that will keep you in a space of awareness. This awareness brings forth your life's purpose. Your empowered and more powerful than you think.  

You deserve to be happy and peaceful. Creating a personal space of Bliss!

We will laugh together and grow together. You will feel the increidible love the Angels and Masters provide.

We have experienced many shifts in the last couple of years. Let me share with you the insight from your Angels and Guides how to really remove all limitations.

There is so much more going on than what meets the eye..

We will call upon all Angels of the Great Central Suns from the Multi-Universal Level through the Universal, Galactic, and Solar Levels combined essences to help humanity to receive the attunements of their light for the balance of the light infractions. This will allow you go heal on several dimentions. 

"Tap into Your Unlimited Potential"~ "Living Your Dream Life" Find out just what it's all about,

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We have much to offer through

Retreats: To expand your Consciousness.

   Master  Program and Certificated Course

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Angelic Connections  101 4 - weeks  - Group Online Class

  Angelic Miracles & Blessings


Readings with Crystal

Personal Consultations

I will look at your soul history briefly to see what gifts and talents and skills you bring to this incarnation and bring to your life and you want to share. That is your PURPOSE and when you are in your purpose you feel peaceful and satisfied.
Then I will take a look at your LESSONS, some people call this karma. Things you are here to grow awareness and how to advance yourself. I will show you how to relieve the drama and conflicts in your life. I will look at your present time and the situations you are in today. When we understand and explore those from the viewpoint of your true self, your soul, there is no conflict so you can move on.

By the time the reading is done not only do you have all of your questions answered, but you have a very concrete and clear strategies for getting back into the flow and getting back into that vibration of achieving your hearts desire the minute you hang up.
In addition to all of this and what I think the most important is, from the Angel Reading, not only am I a see'er and a guide but I have a vibrational feel that helps you get back in contact with your Angels and Guides and importantly to yourself. As a result you energetically shift.  The Ascended Masters and Angels this connection, the gift of abundance ,the joy you experience is a gift beyond words. Come Join us for the real experience of Angelic Healing and refreshing Messages.
The magic happens, you feel grounded, your emotionally calm, your mind is clear, your confidence is higher, you are reconnected to your intuition and  your creativity is reactivated. Now you are ready to be the person you truly desire yourself to be and experience your life the way you know and want it to be.

This is a very transformational experience.
It happens that quickly!! Let the magic begin!!

Investment $222 an Hour
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Apprentice Programs

Do you wish you can have that connection with your
Angels and Guides every moment of every day?

I Listen to my Angels and Guides and do whatever they tell me to ~



I walk with my angels, guides, and my higher self every moment of every day. That was not always true for me. I spent years with the awareness of other realms, dimensions, and lifetimes - without the feeling of knowing. Because of my religious up bring.


The experience of re-connecting with my true nature was so powerful that I cannot possibly imagine ever living a day without the feeling of complete Oneness with all of Creation! I feel truly Blessed!


I can share with you how to feel the same way.


Would you like to have this same connection as I do and broaden your own perception. Being able to see more of the grander picture and get the truer meaning of life, allowing yourself to understand and receive the guidance offered from your own Angels and walking through life with a sense of peace – every day… You can! This will change your life in a way that everything is magic, living from the heart in every moment.

                                                                      Walking with your Angels is priceless.



You ask, How do I make the shift from acting out the ranting of the worried ego mind and honoring the still small voice inside?                     

It is a matter of where you put your focus.



There are a few things I already know about you –

\  What you can expect from working with me –




S Increase your self-awareness ~ Living your life purpose.

S Understand the fifth and sixth dimensional energies now present in the Earthly Realm.

S Use various techniques for releasing personal limitations.

S Transcend the sense of one body, one life –changing your views victim of circumstances.

S Expand your ability to live in and from your heart. ~ with wisdom.

S Develop a conscious connection with your soul/higher-self.

S Reawaken to the truth of your Divine Essence.
S Integrate the awareness of yourself as the co-creator of your life.

S Experience a sense of wonder and excitement for life.

S Bask in the feeling of Unconditional Love and Compassion.

S Embrace your purpose for being human.

S Becoming Love in all aspects of your life, you will experience a freedom beyond comprehension

~Are you ready to get clear about your passion and live the life you always wanted?

          Now is the time to actively participate in creating the world you wish to call home.



My connection to broader dimensions allows me to intuitively address the specific needs of any person or group I am working with. Energies in the higher realms use me to offer messages of hope, love and guidance for all. I feel honored to share this gift, and excited to assist anyone in reaching the same connection with their higher self.


       Remember, All Is One ~


You do not travel this path alone. You will receive encouragement and support from me along with the connection between your Angels and your Higher Self every step of the way.





S You have all of your answers Within.

S You are intimately connected to Creator Source Energy.

S Your soul/ higher self wants you to remember the vastness of your true essence.
S You absolutely deserve to live in the feeling of unconditional Love – every day!

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Angel Readings

Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful
In the reading, we give you solutions to what you are dealing with now and in the future.  If changes need to be made, we will provide you with a sequence of events to help you make the change.

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Information You Will Receive in YOUR Life Transformation reading

 Soul mates and their connection to you
 Crystal healing for animals
 Large group reading
 Business strategies
 Connection with your angels and guides
 Understanding contracts
 Exploring your life�s purpose
 Understanding your journey
 Love and romance
 Health (addressing health problems)
 Opening up new avenues (solutions)
 Find out what your gifts are (empowerment)
 Gem reading
 Aura clearing
 Removing energy cords
 connections with loved ones that have crossed over
 past life regression
 removing blocks
 childhood situations (self esteem)
 life style changes


\ Crystals Are a very strong Vortex of life energy. Powerfully draws you blessings, promotes healing. Large energy fields with intention!

Purpose of the Crystal Grids 
 are to create a unique "Crystal Energy Field" that is laid around your home or business and acts as an amplifier. This creates a vortex of high vibratory energy to a specific area. This "Crystal Energy Field" is directed and absorbed by the targeted area, the vibration of the area is increased dramatically by removing all negative energies and obstacles, cleaning and transforming the area to a higher vibration which is a more loving, peaceful and abundant state of being.

Benefits of the Crystal Grids
The "Crystal Energy Field" instantly builds your light body around you. Creating the sense of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies that allow you to resonate and operate at your highest vibration.
The Crystal Grid is continually clearing, protecting, and strengthening your inner connection.

                         You, your family and friends will benefit greatly being in this "Crystal Energy Field"
                      Being in the energy of the crystals will help you relate and perceive life
 with positive attitude.   
                            Be blissful - have peace of mind and joyfulness.

The strategically placed crystals will automatically raise your vibration just being on the land that the crystal grid is created on.
****The benefits are:
~  Reduce anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings and receive deep inner peace and well being so that you may function at your highest vibration.
~ Increase mental focus, memory and multi-tasking abilities, allowing you to function more efficiently
~ Experience a sense of peace and self awareness
~ Self-realization of your true power to create what is possible for you
~ Celebrate your relationships and life with joy
~ Have relaxation, freedom and pastime - avoid overwork and a frantic lifestyle
~ Increase energy levels and passion for life
~ Realize sense of purpose -creative and meaningful work, connection to the Oneness
~ Strengthen and enhance your development connection.
~ Tap into the power of your mind and explore your human potential
~ Enjoy your life to its fullest. Radiate happiness from within, regardless of the outer worlds experiences.
~ Allows clarity, clearing away the haziness in your mind so that everything makes sense to you, connecting to your own profound ideas and creativity. 
~Experience settled inner wakefulness and expand self awareness and mindfulness
~ Create financial independence
~ Feel the abundance earn and bank more money.
***Creating a Crystal Grid for your business will achieve some if not all of the results listed below:
~ Increase in profit and turn over
~ Create a calm, loving and peaceful environment between employees, patrons and clients.
~ Increase creativity and working skills with your employees
~ Attract competent employees who are dedicated and passionate about their work 
~Decrease theft and burglaries 
~Attract respectful and paying clients
~ Attract specific clients
~ Create new and more business opportunities
~ Removal of all negative energies from the premises, calling in all angels of light
~ Expand your business state, country and worldwide by creating this vibration throughout your business.
Investment $777  for up to 3,000 Sq Ft.   schedule appointment

Group Readings & Business Consultations

Group Readings

-7 people or more. 
-Group readings are done on a personal level or for entertainment, either way it is a lot of fun and informative
-Each person receives approximately a 30 minute reading

-Expect Amazing life changing from business to your personal life have your questions ready.
-In  groups it is always fun and entertaining a lot of positive information comes through.



   A Conscious Business Consultation you will:

- Learn tangible methods to not just do business, but to do Conscious Business

- Attract more abundance and new clients or customers who really get what you’re about

- Find momentum with clarity, options for growth with removal of blockages

- You will develop both yourself and your business!

777.00 plus travel expenses if further than 1 hour.
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Medium Work

Crystal channels information from loved ones that have crossed over. Included in this are investigations, Explaining how to work with your loved ones that have crossed over and how they work with you.

Quantum Crystal Healing

Quantum Crystal Healing opens up new opportunities and options when you think there are none.
Every Crystal has it’s own energy and work that it does In working with the Crystal’s It is truly amazing to see them work with different individuals.  It’s a type of “High” that there are no words for.
Guaranteed… an Experience you will never forget you will also be changing several pattern's to
"Living a Life you Love" If you are interested in taking it even a step further please see our Certified Healing Retreats.

In office only

Investment 222.00
 Predicting the future with accuracy.
 Removing old destructive patterns through several guided sessions.
 Restoring good health to all we work on. Promoting a happy, positive and balanced lifestyle.

 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
 International Entreprenuer 
Life Strategist &
Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
Angelic Transcendence Specialist 
NLP Practitioner