About Crystal Lynne and the Angels

from Mt. Shasta Ca.  
      Crystal is an intuitive counselor who helps individuals, groups, and businesses to raise their vibration in order to provide maximum clarity. She lives the miracle: Spiritually aware from childhood, she sees everyone the way they are as immortal souls.With nightly out-of-the-body experiences her teaching, meetings with the masters, and a lifetime of extraordinary experiences will open up the pathway of ascension. She is internationally known Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master and Teacher who is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient with full sight of the human energy system surrounding the body. She also is a medium with an amazing ability to connect with those on the other side, bringing messages of healing. She is a published author. A Teacher of Crystal Grids, Crystals and how to work with them. Working with many of Doreen Virtue's advanced students bringing them the "next step".
Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, emerging into expanded Consciousness.
Crystal's ability to see, feel and hear the human energy system enables her to connect with the energetic and emotional roots of dis-ease, facilitating healing on a quantum level.
Empowering and Connecting you with your Angels and Guides is what she is all about. Assisting you with your Ascension Journey. Your Empowerment.
'This is where life becomes Pure Magic' 'There is nothing more beautiful than receiving messages from your Angels'


 "Life readings are all about empowering You."


"The Angels are my Best Friends",  I wouldn't do anything without them.


"With More Blessings than you can count"


Crystal Lynne and her " Angelic Crew"


A Note from Crystal

In working with the Angels I have had the privilege of servicing thousands of wonderful people all over the North West and Internationally. Servicing Readers and Teachers from all over the World.
It is my wish to 
 Help as many people as possible, the Angels and I have designed a two programs; one for "Igniting the Light" and a second “Simple messages from the Ascended Masters” for those who choose to expand into higher mind living. It is a form of learning to let go of past patterns and embrace who you truely are.
In my experience, there is nothing more rewarding than to see you light up with happiness and come into full bloom … Giving you all the information you need from your Angels, loved ones, or my Angels to make decisions in your best interest.
I have had great success in working with cancer, asthma, and other disease’s.  I am an intuitive energy healing practitioner.
The crystals speak, so I can give accurate crystal readings and healing's, helping others come to their highest potential.  I look forward to working with you removing blocks and opening up doors till you are so happy all you can do is let your wonderful light shine and live your own miracles.
Let me share with you how to “Work with your own Angels.”
We will empower you with the help of your Angels. This will open up the way to a great new life for you & yours.
Let "us" show you to be so happy all you can do is shine.
Learn how you can have exactly what you want and need for the rest of your life.
With more blessings than you can count with Unconditional Love      
Angels & Crew & Rev Crystal Lynne Dreams
Metaphysical, Reader, Healer & Teacher

Gift Meditation

Energy Medicine Experience~Before and After

Aura Picture - Before and After Healing
Aura Picture - Before and After Healing
Crystal Lynne is a nationally known energy intuitive, reiki master and teacher. Crystal is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient with full sight of the chakras and the human energy system surrounding the body. She also is a medium with an amazing ability to connect with those living on the other side, who often bring messages of healing and love to her clients and students. She is author of “Hidden Potential” “Working with Angels” and “Returning to yourself”.  Her uniquely compassionate presence allows people to release pain, heal their wounds and emerge into expanded consciousness. Crystal’s ability to see, feel and hear the human energy system enables her to facilitate healing on a quantum level.

As she touched her patients, their feelings and life stories flooded her awareness. These stories revealed the energetic and emotional roots of their illnesses. At this time, she started a small private energy medicine practice in her home while continuing writing channeled rehabilitation programs. Her energy medicine practice now serves clients nationwide, helping individuals to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Crystal believes that by emotionally connecting with our own energy system, each of us is our own best healer.
In addition to providing consulting services and private sessions, Crystal offers classes and workshops. She captivates her audience with her enthusiastic and compassionate spirit. In every class, she performs personal readings and then uses the information to provide real-life illustrations about  the concepts she is teaching. Crystal can see and feel the energy of a person she has never met or who lives thousands of miles away. She has given readings on radio shows (Live broadcast), internationally and at large venues.

Understanding the Dance~Living Your Best Life!

In working with the Universe from the Ancestors & Guides to the Angels & Source of sources some call Spirit. "It's a dance that is the most rewarding feeling I could ever ask for."
Offering Apprentice programs Provided To Create a "Life you Love." "Your Life, Your Journey"

Crystal is a spiritual teacher of the highest order, internationally known and respected by her peers both seen and unseen.



Strategic Intuitive Services for Individuals and Businesses

  I provide strategic intuitive coaching, professional development and guidance and counseling for business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professional individuals.

Strategic Intuitive Coaching is provided for developing a plan of action for achieving goals and providing maximum clarity through your development or difficulty times.
Professional Development: mentoring and reflective supervision. While confirming that you are on the right path.

Intuitively I encourage the growth and development of individual intuition.


In the process of working with us,,,,, You will find things start to rock and roll finances start to move in a positive way. Soon you will find your feeling growth is just as beautiful as it could be.



**Think Tanks for large corp. ~

**Business Advisor

**Opening up new avenues of direction

**Creating Prosperity

**Trouble Shooting corporate structures 


There is so much out there to help creating a business I will be releasing a program and outline of where to start.

 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
 International Entreprenuer 
Life Strategist &
Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
Angelic Transcendence Specialist 
NLP Practitioner