Crystal Energy Grids

Crystal Lynne creates Crystal Energy Grids by building a large crystal energy pattern with the crystals. She has created large grids on sacred sites. She is very gifted at seeing vortexes on the properties she is griding. Stepping into the sacred space of the vortex and creating the Crystal Energy Grid is a very profound feeling. Stepping into a crystal energy grid is transformational and magical. You may feel the sense of a shift in time and space and have spiritual realizations. Crystal Energy Grids are also created for large spaces to enhance the energetic quality.

These Crystal Grids are excellent if you are holding workshops. Crystal Lynne can design a Crystal Grid that assists in balancing the male and female energies in the body and open the heart center. This has been proven over and over again with such phenomenal results. It is a safe and fun way to experience nature’s crystal kingdom. You may feel the crystals speak to you in their own beautiful expression.

Why a Crystal Energy Grid ?

Of all the remedies that mankind has been using since the dawn of civilization, Crystals have given the best possible results. Because they are conceived, grown and gifted by Mother Earth herself. And Mother always knows what exactly we need. Crystals are of a wide range, numerous in their varieties, limitless in their applications and have extraordinary powers, and when properly programmed and networked, they are willing workers. Crystals are forever.

Crystal energy grids offer a very large Source of energy. This energy can be locked into any area you want. It will cause energy changes in any object/person within the field. Crystal grids can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can charge objects with life-force energy. They can be used to create powerful emotional changes in anyone who comes into the area. This includes using them for conscious work during sleep. Crystal grids can be used to charge an object or an area with life-force energy. Any object within these grids will have its energy increased. It will absorb and retain a large amount of life-force energy. This energy can be passed on to you or any other living form. Crystal grids can absorb energy imbalances and are an excellent tool for healing.


What is a Crystal Grid?

Well, in simple terms, crystal grids are made by the placement of stones in a geometric
pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy creating a particular energy field. In an
energetic sense, a crystal grid is just that, an intricate grid of energy lines formed from
stone to stone creating a very strong vortex of Life Force energy. As each stone amplifies
the healing properties of the other stones, these energetic Crystal grids can be used to
support the healing of a person or situation into the past, present or future.

Crystal grids can help protect, manifest and to support an intention or desired goal. You can
actually use them for whatever you would like to direct energy towards.

How do Crystal Grids work?

Crystal energy grids offer a most puzzling phenomenon. A very large source of energy can be produced. Therefore they are very effective in achieving the desired results due to this powerful energy and the programability of the crystals to focus on specific goals. Crystals can retain and re-transmit our thoughts, similar to the magnetic storage on a computer. This energy can be locked into any area you want.

Crystal Grids deliver a powerful and continuous pulses of the energy with which they are programmed. The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like".

The energy of pure thought is magnetic in nature therefore whatever thoughts you are constantly involved with or having will manifest.


When I say thoughts are magnetic, I do not mean magnetic as in iron magnets but rather a type of energy akin to gravity. This is why the Crystal grid is so powerful because crystals can retain thoughts, as I said above similar to magnetic storage for computers. Different "Laws" affect the consciousness of the grids - balance, attraction as well as immutable laws – and codes of energy once put into motion cannot be stopped and must play out to the end of the program. In the fourth dimension all form exists as thought.

How do we create our Crystal Energy Grids?

To harness the power of the crystals is no simple task. Despite their superior power, they need to be "prepared" for their tasks. They need to be "treated" properly, systematically and need to be provided with logistics. Just like Computers. Computers have super power, but are useless without the relevant Software. Here the Crystals are Computers and we are the Programmers. We create custom "Software" for running the Crystals.

It’s a long and meticulous process. Right from diagnosing the client’s needs, wants and desires. It goes right through to judging the crystal power needed for that particular clients needs, calculating the number of crystals, selecting the right crystal varieties, exact crystal shapes – (just like choosing the right computer configuration) - not only for the current needs but also for the future requirements.

The Crystals are then cleansed, awakened (if need be), energized (to last for a lifetime) blessed (by powerful and divine angelic forces) and then finally activated.

Now comes the most crucial and life-giving part, the programming itself. The energy pattern native to the Crystals. As well as the reinforced energy matrix is fully dedicated to the cause and life of the client’s family/business - to solving the existing issues, to infuse positive energy, boost growth and to protect when needed. This is the "crystal programming". Then all the involved Crystals are intensely bound and "networked" (once again, like in computers), as in the case, with star attraction, that is the Energy Tower to be linked and maintained till the end. That completes the "software" part.

Why are our Crystal Energy Grids so very successful ?

1. They are specially designed for a specific purpose, customized for the client and totally focussed on their intent.

2. They are carefully and expertly created by meticulously synchronizing the crystal lay lines of 8 cardinal directions with sacred geometry and precisely linking them to an extraordinarily powerful cosmic crystal energy source.

3. Because of their built-in programs, they continuously cleanse the negativity, flush-out blockages and beam you 100% positive energy on a sustained basis, so that you remain positive at all the four planes : physical, astral, mental and spiritual.

4. These Crystals are empowered to systematically cleanse, energizes, balance and harmonizes all the 7 vital energy centers called as chakras of the human body, on a direct and continual basis.

5. They automatically scan the land and the buildings you are in, sense the sources of negativity there, generate additional positive energy to overcome the negative energy and shield you from this energy.

6. They automatically tune to the new living space that you have moved/shifted to and harmonize it as your home.

7. The Crystals are geared to generate enough positive energy not only in and around you, but also to sufficiently ground you. Especially when you live in the 20th floor of a high rise building and are experiencing a disconnect with the mother earth.

8. The crystals are not only tuned to your karma alone, but are tuned to the family karma, therefore more effective.

9. They also envelop and accommodate the human energy fields of new arrivals to this field.

10. The Crystals are flexible enough to meet, accept and challenge fresh problems in their stride, before solving them with the person who have entered this Crystal Energy Grid.

11. The nature and power of our programming techniques are direct, stupendous, result giving and time-tested for thousands of years by angels, divas and many other higher energy forms, whatever name by which you call them.

Thus our Crystal Energy Grids are not only problem-specific, but also are client-specific, thus highly result oriented – And exact perfect solutions that really work.

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